ZCore Masternodes System

The complete platform for your Masternode.
  • VPS Host with fixed IP and Multiple Coins
  • Dashboard and Monitoring
  • Notifications by E-mail, Telegram and Discord
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Everything pay in crypto for

MN Automated Setup

Quick setup, no technical knowledge and no command lines. Exclusive few-clicks masternode hosting service, which eliminates the most common hassles for investors.


Shared Masternodes

Platform to merge any shared currency of partner currency automatically, presenting balance information in real time, reinvestments and withdrawals of shares.


Monitoring Masternodes

Track the masternode status, make sure your investment is constantly generating passive income. The ZMS will let you know as soon as something changes in yours masternodes.

What are Masternodes?

Masternode is basically a node of a cryptocurrency network that keeps the complete copy of its blockchain in real time. They are servers that support the network being responsible for sending and receiving the networks transactions instantly, besides giving the option for the cryptocurrency users to make anonymous transactions and, in some cases, to vote in governance projects.

To perform this work, the masternodes receive a percentage of rewards in coins of each mining block, that are equally distributed among the active masternodes in the cryptocurrency network. Masternodes must contain a wallet with a certain amount of coins allocated as collateral and a VPS server with Fixed IP.

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Everything pay in crypto for $2.99/month


Your coins are in your wallet and no one will have access to them!



No need to rent a VPS / Server and do all the hard work manually!



Team trained to help throughout the process and a forum for questions.


Easy Payment

Easy payment with ZCore cryptocurrency.



High technology in VPS servers, with security performance and redundancy.



Notification service to monitor masternode status.



FEATURES ZCore MSystem Digital Ocean Vultr Gincoin NodeSupply
Cold Wallet
Multiples Coins
Pay in Crypto
No linux and code
Easy and Simple Setup
Mobile Responsive
Node Monitoring
Fail2ban Scan Log
Shared Masternodes
Shared MN Manager
E-mail Notification
Telegram Bot Notification
Discord Bot Notification
No Monthly Contract (cancel at any time)
Price $2.99 $5 $5 $15 $9

Available Masternodes Coins

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Masternodes Active in ZMS

ZCore Masternodes System is a masternode coin service.
ZCore Masternodes System does not research or recommend any coin.
Do your own research and invest at your own risk.

Hosted Masternodes


Total Value of Nodes


Total BTC of Nodes


Suported Coins


Relax and watch


Just give START that the system does it all for you. Do not compile coins. Do not enter the server. Do not enter any shell commands.

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1 - Register

Sign up and start your masternode.

2 - Deposit

Add ZCore coins to your account balance.


3 - Choose and Deploy

Select and install the cryptocurrency masternode.

4 - Earn and Monitoring

Receive daily rewards payments based on coin ROI and monitoring your node.




The ZMS Platform allows you to create a cold wallet to the coins allocated as collateral to your masternode, for the ZCore cryptocurrency and other masternode coins, without having to deal with servers, technical knowledge or command lines. This lowers the entry barrier to the masternodes market for non-technical people.

The ZMS platform automatically creates and configures the masternode server for you in the background. At certain points you are asked for input that conect your wallet to the masternode server.

Each masternode server you launch costs 2.99 USD per month paid in ZCR at the rate of the launch/renewal time.

Payment for every day of service is deducted in advance from your available balance in the ZMS platform. You can deposit any amount anytime in your account balance.

If your masternode currency is not on our list, we recommend that you fill out the Add Coin form. In this way, we can acquire knowledge of interest in this type of masternode and add it to our list of inclusion of masternodes.
By applying you are NOT guaranteed to be included on the ZCore Masternodes System (ZMS).
By applying you will NOT be guaranteed any specific timing until your inclusion.

Each masternode is launched in a random datacenter of Vultr. The ZMS platform can quickly adapt to host masternodes with other providers like Amazon AWS or Google Cloud Platform if ever required.

In case we can not deduct the daily payment from your balance, the servers in your account get destroyed. We will allow for the respawn of the same server, although the same IP address is not guaranteed to be available, case in which you will need a tiny bit of configuration in your wallet to change this IP address. This process is guided as well.

In your wallet > Masternodes tab > right click on the masternode and select Start alias. If your server becomes something else than ENABLED again contact support by clicking the blue button in the bottom right part of the page.

Yes, we update all the statuses of the masternodes every minute, in case your masternode status changes or the rewards are received. You will see it via e-mail, Telegram or Discord Bot.

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